Friday, August 10, 2007

Recommend a Book

Tell us about a book that you have actually read. Not something you are going to read when you get the time. Share with our bloggers some books that may be a good read before the summer is over. We will start with this one... "Who Moved My Cheese?" by Dr. Spencer Johnson. This book is about change and why we need change. So if there is something changing in your life or if thre is nothing changing in your life, this would be a good read for you. Just go to the book store and ask for the "cheese book" , they will know what you are talking about.


sweettrouble513 said...

No place for tha righteous, by Otis Pamplin and Tee Robinson. This is an awesome book that we written by two friends of mine. They are telling life experinces through spoken word. It is for adult readers only.
And the Satelite Lounge, by Ron Houston is a very nice mystery drama that leads into his second book The devastion of Mr. Drake both are hard to put down once you start them.

Octavia said...

Good post.