Friday, August 10, 2007

Jerry & Maury vs. Oprah

Who do you prefer and why? It's amazing how these shows can air for years showing the same topics and same people, lol. We at think that is wonderful. Where else can you have 3 white women fighting over a black man with no job and 1 tooth? Or a woman who has claims to be 500% sure who the father of her baby is and after the 6th paternity test she still wants to come back on the show?


It Is What It Is said...

If I had to chose it would be Oprah. Her shows have more topics and subject matters that have substance. Jerry & Maury seems to focus on a lot of for lack of a better phrase "ghetto drama". I never hear of anything positive relating to their shows, they rather seem to exploit the negative aspects of the individuals that are "guests" (more like social victims) on their shows.

Anonymous said...

I disagree. Oprah is boring! She needs more shows geered towards african americans. Maybe she can't relate to us anymore. Jerry is for entertainment purposes only. I would have to say Maury. His show is a reality to what's going on in the world. 1. You have women who don't know who's the father of their children. 2. You have men who know they are the father, but refuse to stand up. I think he helps exploit deadbeat dads and possibly help women get a reality check as well.

EF Team said...

You do have a good point. Especially since Oprah does the book of the whatever thing on there. Rumor has it that black people don't read? So who is that geared to? But then I heard that Jerry Springer hires actors for his show. Who would actually get on a plane to be on the Jerry Srpinger show?

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Anonymous said...

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