Sunday, August 12, 2007

Your First Time

This is where it should get really interesting... How old were you when you had sex for the very first time (Betty Wright in the back of my mind right now)? Was it a friend or family member (have to ask)? Were you in love? Was it a dare. Share what you feel comfortable with sharing but remember the more details you give the more somebody else is likely to come forward with sharing their own story. I know some friends who have had pregnancies occur on the first time, so let us know if thats a part of your experience too. Below are the things we would like for you to include in your post:

1. Age at time of act
2. Who the other person was
3. Pregnancy as a result?
4. Were you in love
5. anything else you want to share.

1 comment:

cobra said...

hmmm lets see this is going to get good. To start off with I had just broken up with my boyfriend of 3 years cause he was cheating on me and the next thing you know I met Scott, well what can I say, I had gotten high with him and asked him if I could lay down on his bed cause I had a headache and all the other beds were occupied, well I didnt know Scott 3 hours and what do you know I let him pop the cherry so to speak. It was over a year later we got married (worst thing to do) Not because of the marriage but at the age of 16 I should not have gotten married. I fell head over ass in love with him and sure enough because we both were too young that marriage ended in divorce, took me 10 years to get over him. In lots of ways he still can pull on th eold heart strings. And he knows it and tries to use it to his advantage. Go figure, I remember call the ex boyfriend and telling him all about it and think it hurt him cause I would never give it up to him but man the sex with my ex husband was great I would go back if I could. Well anyway, that should help get you started on these things. Will write more later. By the way the first time was on a waterbed slicked down with babyoil. Only do that if you have the bumper pads on the bed cause the boards hurt like hell.