Sunday, August 12, 2007

Favorite Restaurant

Tell us about a restaurant that you would recommend to others. It can be a greasy hamburger stand or a 5 star white napkin restaurant. Tell us what type of food they have, what the general theme of the place is and price range. We have added the list below that we would like you to try and include if you can:

1. Name
2. City and State (address and phone if you have it)
3. Type of food
4. Theme, style
5. Independent or a chain
6. What to order there
7. Price Range: $= 10 per person, $$= up to 20 per person, $$$= up to 30 per person (so basically every ten dollars add a $

here is the first example:

1. Johnnie's Pastrami - $
2. Los Angeles, CA (crenshaw & adams)
3. Fast food, burgers, fries and pastrami's
4. no theme, just eat on the corner or take it to go
5. independent
6. order the pastrami and fries, the pastrami is about 5 inches think
7. $

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